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Musa Italia – or a company able to forecast trends, in the vanguard with the right interpretation with that indispensible concept of quality. A constantly expanding company both at home and in the main foreign markets, with attractive distinctive designs, precious materials and excellent finishes on all the products, for about thirty years now the company has been a highly respected ambassador of Made in Italy in the world. With two thousand square meters of showroom and offices, and around twenty thousand square meters of production area, Musa Italia has gained widespread recognition for its reliability, originality and product quality, together with their fast efficient distribution service and fast punctual deliveries with their own vehicle fleet. Musa Italia furnishes modern homes with an innovative, clean style which with its simple air satisfies the most varied tastes and styles. The new Musa Store collection has now been born. Young and modern, it combines a simple, linear style with bright colours and unusual colour plays for lively, imaginative furnishings for modern living rooms.

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